Sandra Hüller

In a bustling year of diverse projects and incessant travel, Oscar nominee and award-winning actress Sandra Hüller explores the depths of acting, reflecting on the intricacies of her craft and her


Lola Doillon

Daughter of French director Jacques Doillon and editor Noëlle Boisson, Lola Doillon has had a multi-faceted career. She was an actress, a

Katharina Mückstein

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1982, Katharina Mückstein studied philosophy and gender studies, followed by directing at Filmakademie Wien, Universität für Musik

Mimosa Willamo

Mimosa Willamo made her breakthrough performance in Antti Heikki Pesonen’s “Headfirst.” The film’s success brought Mimosa to the attention of the mainstream

Luna Wedler

Luna Wedler has a degree in contemporary dance and is currently studying at the European Film Actors School in Zurich. Her early

Minhal Baig

Minhal Baig is a writer/director whose feature-length film, “Hala,” about a Pakistani-American teenager that uncovers a secret that threatens to unravel her

Kristín Thóra Haraldsdóttir

Kristín Thóra Haraldsdóttir is an Icelandic actress, born in Reykjavik and raised in Scotland, England and Iceland. Her most recent work includes