Film au féminin

What a time to be a woman! The past year and a half has been exhilarating for women on social and cultural levels, with a tectonic shift that has ushered in movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp where feminism, sexism, gender equality and the lack of opportunities for female filmmakers are being questioned and women are pushing for change. That is why the Fade to Her film magazine is tailor-made for this revolutionary moment. Through its extensive online coverage, it wants to be at the forefront of female empowerment with the aim to celebrate and champion the successful women working in the international film industry – regardless of their specialized fields –, to promote the visibility of female-driven cinematic content and to encourage the professional development of women in film.

Granted, there are not enough women working in film today, especially at the helm of films or involved in the creative process behind the camera in other capacities. But, with all the lamenting and finger-pointing, we have forgotten about those who do have a place in the film industry and are actually thriving. Fade to Her is therefore conceived as a high-end magazine that shines a light on the personalities and work of these successful women, and in doing so, it not only cheers them but also shows future generations of female film artists and executives that working in film is possible – that being a successful woman working in the film industry today is actually a fathomable possibility.

Fade to Her is a magazine for and about women in Film.



Tara Karajica, founding editor